Math teacher looks forward to retirement after stressful year of school


Jack Daws

Math teacher Kimberly Marcic teaches to her AP Java class 4th hour. Maricic’s classes also include Algebra 3 and C++.

Samantha Haney, Opinions Editor

After 28 years of sharing her love of education and learning with students, math teacher Kimberly Maricic is retiring after this school year. Having started teaching at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1993, Maricic had a variety of different teaching jobs.

“I can’t imagine many professions which would be more rewarding than teaching,” Maricic said.

Although she works with the Math Department, Maricic also enjoys teaching computer science and the concepts that come with that.

“I am fascinated by the abstract and conceptual aspects of computer science and mathematics. I love a chance to interact with students as they are exposed to these concepts and learn how to employ them in creative ways,” Maricic said.

As she teaches, Maricic said she hopes her students take away the attitude of education and learning being lifelong pursuits. While she enjoys the many positives of teaching, she also said it can be draining over time.

“The continuous multi-tasking, constant schedule changes, and changing classrooms can be exhausting. Emotionally, it can be draining, as well,” Maricic said. “I also spend a lot of time outside the classroom improving my lesson plans, which feels like time well spent, but still takes its toll.”

This feeling of being drained is one of Maricic’s reasons for retirement. She said she was already planning to retire next year, however, she decided after this year to retire earlier than she originally planned.

“I decided to retire one year earlier. I think that the stress from COVID and the simultaneous teaching of online and in-person students may have played a role in that decision,” Maricic said.

Although she’s not entirely sure how she will spend her time, she said she is looking forward to a chance to relax and visit family without the limitations of the school year. 

“I am looking forward to a more flexible and relaxed schedule. I actually enjoy and do my best work in the early morning, so I’ll continue getting up early, but it will be nice to linger over a cup of coffee,” Maricic said. “Also, all three of my daughters and their husbands live out of state, so I can visit them without the restrictions of the normal school year.”