State of the Art: Nine virtual art galleries to help unlock a creative mindset

Caoimhe Farris, Staff Reporter

Some people may find it difficult to get in touch with their creative side, especially with exhibits and museums closed for quarantine. Here are nine online art galleries to admire from a safe distance. 

Artsonia is one of the largest student art galleries online. You can search for art by schools or by browsing, as well as vote for Artist of the Week. Check it out here: 

The Artling is a curated art gallery that sells as well as displays hundreds of different works of art from artists around the world. The website can also be used to buy artwork. Check it out here:

ArtNet offers ways to buy, sell and research different pieces of art. Check it out here:

The National Gallery of Art is a government-owned art gallery stationed in Washington, DC. While the gallery is an in-person gallery, they regularly display their art on the website. Check it out here:

Artspan is a site where artists of all skill levels can exhibit their art and a place where one can support local artists by purchasing work from your area. Check it out here: 

Street Art is a Google project used to display street art and graffiti all around the world and explain the meaning behind the works. Check it out here:

Though the physical museum is in France, the Louvre’s online presentation of the art is just as incredible. Check it out here: 

While the museum is still open to the public, the online art gallery at The Met Museum remains up and running all year round, where people can view art from all over the world and watch videos and lessons about the artists and their pieces

Art Show provides multiple ways to view and even display and practice your own artwork through online art shows, events and lessons.