Take It From Me: Class of 2015 grad says relationships, experiences matter most


courtesy of Megan Rigabar

Class of 2015’s Megan Rigabar was involved in multiple activities in both high school and college. She said that involvement was very beneficial in helping her build relationships.

Isabelle Grigorescu, Staff Reporter

Class of 2015’s Megan Rigabar has some valuable advice for current Lancers. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try taking the long view. So many things that create stress and anxiety right now aren’t permanent, and time heals most wounds,” she said.

While attending Lafayette High School she was involved in her Class Advisory, the Image staff, Ladies Bible Study 11-12 and National Honor Society, After graduating, she attended the University of South Carolina where she earned degrees in Global Studies and Spanish and a minor in Islamic World Studies.

She also studied abroad in Peru and Morocco and was active in  campus organizations dedicated to elevating women’s rights and ending human trafficking in her community.

Currently, she is program assistant for the Human Trafficking Programs at the South Carolina Office of the Attorney General. where she creates and implements statewide initiatives to combat human trafficking, She also serves on the board of Directors of Collective Liberty, a national-level anti-trafficking nonprofit utilizing technology to reduce victimization and bring justice. 

She said high school and college are important stepping stones. But perhaps the most important part about both experiences isn’t the final grade — it’s the relationships you build and the opportunities for learning that you take advantage of outside the classroom.”

“It’s okay if you still don’t know what you want to do when you grow up. One of the biggest secrets you’ll find out as you get older is that hardly anyone actually knows exactly what they want to do for the rest of their life—we’re all just trying to figure it out one step at a time. So be smart, but pursue the things that make you come alive and light your spark. Rarely will you ever regret doing those things. Never stop pursuing knowledge and learning, no matter how many degrees you have,” Rigabar said.