Everything in its place: 10 resources to help organize the clutter in your space

Jan. 14 is National Organize Your Home Day; check out these 10 sites for advice from experts about how to get every aspect of your area together

Caroline Black, Staff Reporter

National Organize Your Home Day is quickly approaching on Jan. 14. With second semester starting next week, it’s crucial to be organized so you can be ready to go to do your best in the classroom. Take advantage of this wacky holiday and get your things in order! These 10 sites include tips on how to organize your whole home as well as smaller sections such as your bathroom, desk and more. 

For tips and a process on how to organize any area of your house, check out: 

Abby Lawson’s “‘How to Organize Every Space In Your House”

For advice on how to keep both your school work and busy schedule organized, check out:

Transizion’s “How to Be More Organized in High School: The Student’s Guide”

College Vine’s “Eight Tips to Use Your Time Efficiently and Stay Organized in High School”

For a step-by-step guide on organizing your room and tips on keeping it organized, check out:

Get Organized Wizard’s “Organize Your Bedroom: A Step-By-Step Guide For Teenagers”

The Spruce’s, “9 Bedroom Organizing Tips to Use Right Now”

For fun ideas on keeping your desk organized with pictures included, check out:

Good Housekeeping’s “18 Easy Desk Organization Ideas That’ll Make Doing Work Less of a Chore”

For tips on getting your bathroom in order, check out:

The Spruce’s “How to Declutter and Organize Your Bathroom”

For some simple tips on how to organize your car and keep it clean, check out:

Real Simple’s “7 Car Decluttering Tips to Finally Get Your Car Clean – And Keep it That Way”

If you’re always on the run and have a busy schedule, check out:

Bustle’s “7 Ways to Stay Organized When You’re Super Busy”

For ideas on how to get organized without spending a ton of money, check out:

Busy Budgeter’s “Organizing on a Budget: 8 Clever Tips That Won’t Break the Bank”