Five Questions with Gracie Maurer


Makayla Archambeault

Sophomore Gracie Maurer, along with co-stars Surayya Cazembe, Caroline Foster and Rachel Clarke, perform the song “Holding Out for a Hero” in Lafayette Theatre Company’s production of “Footloose”.

Sophia Wasson, Staff Reporter

Gracie Maurer is a sophomore at Lafayette and has been participating in musical productions since she was seven years old. Maurer’s latest portrayal was Wendy Jo in Lafayette’s production of “Footloose”.

How long have you been participating in musicals and why do you like doing it so much?

I have been doing musicals since I was seven years old and I am now 16, so for nine years. I like doing them because I find I can really express myself in a different way. I have built some of the best relationships with people through doing musicals.

What has changed from your first time doing a musical to your most recent one?

My first musical was “Annie” when I was seven. I played an orphan, and my latest musical was “Footloose” where I played Wendy Jo. My skills have improved as I have grown up because I have started focusing on my skills and growing in them by taking other things out of my life like sports. My interest now lies on the stage. Whether that be at church singing for God or on stage performing for my peers.

What has been your favorite role to play and why?

My favorite role that I have played was Donkey in “Shrek” because I was able to step out of my comfort zone and play a role I would have never imagined myself playing. It was fun to learn how to talk in the accent and learn the different mannerisms that Donkey would use. It’s kinda like school in a way you study, but instead of books, you study people and the ways in which they act and react.

What is something that boosted you to be inspired?

Something that inspired me to get involved in theater and was that I just loved to sing. I would sing anything in front of anyone, and that’s when my mom put me in a summer camp where I did the musical “Annie” and I just loved it from the first day.

What are some of the struggles that you have faced and how do you overcome them?

Some struggles that I have faced socially include me not doing the things that most of my friends do, like sports, I used to think it was a bad thing that I did something different, but over time I have realized that it’s what makes me unique. Some struggles on stage that I have faced include forgetting my lines, singing the wrong thing or messing up a dance. I overcome these things by learning from them and realizing that everyone in the crowd wants me to do good and that’s when I am able to grow from the experience.