Five Questions with Max Kennington


Jack Weaver

Senior Max Kennington enjoys reviewing movies in his free time. Kennington hopes to turn this hobby into a career as he enjoys recognizing the hard work that is put into the production of films.

Alex Vancil, Cartoonist

If he’s not busy with the school’s water polo team or has some free time, senior Max Kennington likes to make movie reviews based on movies he’s seen recently and posts them on Instagram and YouTube.

Why do you like to review movies?

I feel like other people watch movies just to see the movies and they don’t understand how much work goes behind it, so I like to let people know what cinematography is or why sound design is important. That and I just want to share my love of movies with everyone.

What is your all-time favorite movie?

I really, really like Kingsman: The Secret Service, just because the cinematography was groundbreaking at the time. Plus, it was pretty funny.

What is your favorite movie genre?

I like sci-fi. Superheroes aren’t necessarily “sci-fi,” but I like that part of it because it can show different scenarios that most likely wouldn’t happen in today’s society. Of course, there’s not going to be superheroes running around. It won’t show how society deals with that. It’s just something like a spin on present life. Any comedy movie could happen in real life.

Do you have plans to follow a career in movie reviewing?

I would love to. Sadly, there’s no money in it and, if you do get it, it is very select. It is so hard to become a movie reviewer that gets invited to a premiere or gets companies to reach out to you. I feel like it would be very hard for me. I would absolutely love to as a side job, though.

Are there any directors that have made an impact on you?

Matthew Vaughn is one of them. He did Kingsman. Also, Todd Phillips, who did Joker. I love his cinematography. And Sam Mendes, who did 1917, which was an OK movie but the cinematography was pretty good.