The holiday question: 10 sites that look at the debate of when to start celebrating Christmas


Makayla Archambeault

With both Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays drawing near, the annual debate over which holiday should be prioritized has officially begun.

Makayla Archambeault

As both Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, so does the annual disagreement between those who believe Christmas should begin to be celebrated as soon as Halloween is over, and those who believe Christmas decorations should not be seen until after Thanksgiving. This ongoing debate has raged through the internet in a flurry of stuffing and lights, here are 10 sites to inform, convince and convey opinions on the topic.

For a history of the holiday of Thanksgiving, check out:

Britannica’s “History of Thanksgiving Day”


For a history of the holiday of Christmas, check out:

HISTORY’s “History of Christmas”


For a look at both sides of the debate, check out:

Tylt’s “Should you celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving?”


For a live online debate on the topic, complete with a viewer poll, check out”’s “Does Christmas start too early?”


For opinion pieces opposed to the early Christmas celebrations, check out:

Suburban Turmoil’s “Let’s Argue About Celebrating Christmas Before Thanksgiving! On Second Thought, Let’s Not.”

The New York Post’s “Some say ‘Bah! Humbug!’ to Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving”

Redeemed Reader’s “Thanksgiving Comes Before Christmas”


For opinion pieces that are all for bringing the Christmas spirit in early, check out:

The Bison’s “It’s OK to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving”

Woman’s Day’s “My Christmas Tree Is Going Up Before Thanksgiving, and I Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks”

Popsugar’s “I Decorate For Christmas Early, Because Why Wouldn’t I?”