Driving ticket advice from Lancers

The age that a teenager can get a license in Missouri is 16 years old and because of that, many different kinds of Lafayette students that age and older are allowed to purchase a parking pass and drive to school.

Driving can be an exciting experience for those new to it, but it can also be very costly and dangerous. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), teen drivers have a higher rate of fatal crashes and getting pulled over, mainly because of their immaturity, lack of skills, and lack of experience.

Their claim is actually backed up by many statistics. In 2017 alone, 2,526 teenagers were killed in car crashes, mainly due to inexperience and distractions.

In order to keep yourself and others safe on the road, be sure to follow all state laws and  listen to the tips and tricks of those below.

Ellie Egbert, junior
Jim McDonald, School Resource Officer
Jake Anderson, senior
Karan Kommu, sophmore
Brandon Keipp, sophomore
Evyn Spencer, physical education and first aid teacher

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