Half Baked and Dough Co. offer treats to satisfy


Throughout childhood, the best part of making cookies was eating the cookie dough off out of the bowl when we were done. When I heard that a couple new companies were selling cookie dough by the scoop, I thought something couldn’t be more perfect. I was wrong.

At the West County Mall, there is a little section of the food court which was tempting me all day long. There are two companies in the area that sell this delectable treat: Half Baked and Dough Co.

I ordered the Original Chocolate Chip, but there were many other tempting items to choose from, such as Oreo Thin Mint and gluten-free Oatmeal M&M.

The only downside I faced, which wasn’t a major one, was that the sizes were too large. I ordered a medium for three people to share and we weren’t able to finish the dessert on our own.

Under Dough Co.’s sign it says to “go ahead, lick the spoon,” which I most definitely did, and will in the future.