Out and About: Menchies satisfies all sweet cravings

Shwetha Sundarrajan, Reporter

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It’s almost summertime, and with the typical St. Louis weather being hot, humid and miserable, ice cream is probably the classic treat to satiate all sweet tooth needs.

Menchies has four locations scattered around the St. Louis area- one at the Town and Country crossing, Gravois Bluffs, Heritage Place and at the Laura K Center.

I went to the Town and Country location, which was a pretty far drive from my place.

Menchies is targeted to family consumers and children. When you walk into their stores, the walls are brightly colored with many wall decals. The layout is eerily similar to Orange Leaf, but honestly, I expected that from most frozen yogurt places around here. The topping station has a lot of variety, from fresh fruits to varieties of chocolates.

Menchies has around 112 official flavors, but many of them are rotated throughout the season. I really liked the flavors that Menchies offered, it was way different from the flavors you get from Silky’s and Orange Leaf.

They offered a lot of fruity flavors, which I personally don’t like, so that was a big downside for me. However, the toppings bar made it all up. Other than the traditional chocolates and fruits, they had chocolate dipped strawberries, and Mochi pieces. I arrived at Menchies around 8:15 p.m., a little bit too close to closing time, which is around 9 p.m.

Even as the staff were slowly closing shop, they let my friends and I stay for a couple of more minutes before we were kicked out. Now, that’s courtesy.

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