Club Spotlight: Bonjour, il est le Club Français! (French Club)

Anna James, Staff Reporter

A club that tends to lay low at Lafayette is the French Club. Although the club is open to all students and has been around as longer than Madame Luerding has taught at Lafayette, it seems to go unnoticed by a lot of foreign language students.

“I’m hoping for the word to get out next year about this club. We have great opportunities and tons of fun in the time we spend together,” Luerding said.

The fluctuating group of about twenty students meet, discuss the French culture and their love of the language, watch French movies and eat great food. The goal of the club is to get students to connect and appreciate the language they are learning while building new friendships and benefiting with newly learned skills.

Students ranging from French I to French V provide a great chance for bonding with people at school that might not usually be in classes with you, providing an opportunity to learn from higher up levels. French I and II teacher Madame Tamaroff is looking forward to getting involved in the club next year.

“I went to one French Club meeting this year and I had a great time,” Tamaroff said. “It’s great to see students interacting with each other from different levels.”

Next year they are hoping to get the club off the ground by making T-shirts and getting more students involved.