Club Spotlight: Model UN

Kaitlyn Wylie, Feed Editor

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It’s hard to be completely clueless about global issues in this day and age when everything is out in the open on the news and social media.

Even with the myriad of opportunities to educate oneself about the world, many people do not take the time to research those issues. However, there are a few students at Lafayette who take being informed to the next level and have a passion for global issues. Such students can be found in the Model United Nations (UN) Club.

Model UN has three St. Louis Area Model UN conferences with around five to eight local high schools that participate in the conference.

“We all go to a conference with different schools and discuss current topics as delegates of our countries. We discuss and vote on resolutions students have created to help problems in the world,” Danielle Tarazi, junior, said.

Before each conference, meetings are held to discuss plans for the upcoming conference to make sure all the countries are prepared with their resolutions. Resolutions are the focus of discussion at Conferences, and the first few meetings teach the members how to write these.

“Students choose different countries and then research those countries. It is completely student-run and is a great way to catch up on current issues,” Tarazi said.

The club has had anywhere from 20 to 30 people compete in the last two conventions. Since it only meets to prepare for conventions, the club is not too demanding and is open for new students to join.

“Students should join Model UN because it’s a great way to learn more about global issues and world diplomacy. At the same time they can harness their debate, public speaking and negotiation skills,” Lori Zang, club sponsor, said.

For more information about Model UN, see Zang in Room 127.