Fire alarms disrupt classes on Sept. 20


Sophia Scheller

During 6th Hour on Sept. 20 the fire alarms unexpectedly went off at Lafayette.

Chloe Baker, Web Editor

At approximately 1:50 p.m. during 6th Hour on Sept. 20, the fire alarms went off unexpectedly, causing the school to evacuate.

Fire trucks arrived at the school shortly after at about 1:59 p.m. to investigate the cause of the alarm. At about 2:07 p.m., firefighters determined there was no true threat and turned around.

A fire panel located that the fire alarm was triggered from Room 114, which is currently being used as a custodial area.

Principal Karen Calcaterra sent an email to staff with the information from Metro West shortly after students were released back to class.

“The smoke alarm in the northwest corner, first floor, went off, thus engaging the alarm. They (Metro West) checked the sensor and reset it,” Calcaterra said.

After administrators were given the all-clear, students were sent back to their 6th Hour class at about 2:04 p.m.

“I think the school handled it really well, we went out quickly. We were able to call over the radios if we were missing students from a side of the building we were then able to account for every student,” Mandy Lewis, Assistant Principal said.