First Flex Time hosts variety of activities across campus

Jack Weaver, Digital Media Editor

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  • Tony Huynh, junior, works on a lab for Joseph Weir's Geoscience class. "I don't want to stay after school or come in in the morning, so during Flex I put in time for assignments I haven't done yet," Huynh said.

  • Just after the bell rings to start the 121-minute "C" Day Flex Time on Aug. 22, students make their way to the lunch lines.

  • Seated in the Library, junior James Gay uses his Flex Time to work on homework. "Flex Time is really helpful. It's great to have time during the school day where I can just get stuff done," Gay said.

  • Donald Kreienkamp, language arts teacher, debates with students outside his classroom while sitting behind a desk with a sign reading "Flex is great. Change my mind."

  • In the Weight Room, senior Jake Nelson does a set of shrugs during Flex Time. Students who want to go to the weight room, walk the track or take part in other physical education activities must be enrolled in a physical education class and can sign up on Google Classroom with the code "J47P3qq".

  • With a quiz later in the day, Matthew Haefner, freshman, studies with math teacher Katrina Clark.

  • Sophomores Pranav Menon and Colin Bakker piece together a puzzle in the Library during their Flex Time. "It's too early in the year to have that much homework, so we decided to work on this puzzle," Menon said.

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After nearly two weeks of modified bell schedules to exclude Flex Time, Thursday, Aug. 22 marked the first day of the new Flex Time system. When the bell rang at 11:35 a.m. to end fourth hour, all students had the freedom to spend the next 131 minutes how they pleased.

While some students worked on homework or sought out additional help from their teachers, others used the time to relax and take a break from the school work.