MOVIE MANIAC reviews Greta

Jacob Ward, Staff Writer

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Greta was directed by the oscar winning filmmaker behind The Crying Game Neil Jordan, and stars Chloё Grace Moretz and Isabelle Huppert. With supporting actors Maika Monroe and Colm Feore as well.

A very naive women named Frances played by Moretz is on the subway one day and notices a purse, and in this purse is an I.D. Trying to be a good person, she then goes to return this purse to Greta(played by Huppert) at her personal house and a friendship develops between the two that eventually becomes very toxic. Greta reveals herself to be a lot more than just a sweet-old lady who’s good at playing the piano.

This film was ok. Chloё Grace Moretz did a fantastic job as the main character, and she has really proven herself over the years as an actor. I’m excited to see what other roles she transitions into. However, the standout performance was by far Isabelle Huppert. She had a very quiet and restrained performance which made it all the more unsettling. During the very intense moments she remained very calm in her facial expressions, line-delivery, and her movements. Making her character seem all the more insane, so that was a good decision.

The film was wonderfully shot, the characters were well-written and the acting was superb, the directing and overall making of this film was really good. Technically made it’s a great film, where it falls flat is in the originality department. The story is something I could say I’ve seen before. Obsession movies have been common, and it has become a predictable formula on how these types of movies play out. Nevertheless, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and I really cared about the character of Frances. The musical score was good and very unnerving with the quiet use of violins and subtle screeching of the strings.

Through its formulaic plot line, the film provided some unique twists to the obsession thriller genre. It also provided a message about the trauma and damage a person can go through psychologically when being preyed upon by stalkers. Also the film does a very good job at showing paranoia and the hallucinations the main character feels.  

I’m going to give the movie Greta 2.5 out of 5 claps.