HOSA hosts Stop The Bleed presentation

Amisha Paul, Editor-in-Chief

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Sam Doehring
Seniors Rishi Ray and Maurya Akula apply pressure to a pool noodle to learn about proper methods to stop bleeding.

Last Tuesday, Dec. 4, HOSA- Future Health Professionals hosted an event for members to learn about bleeding control through the Stop The Bleed organization.  

After a presentation on how to react in a situation where someone is bleeding, HOSA students learned how to apply a tourniquet to a bleeding victim and the ABCs of bleeding control.  Students wrapped a tourniquet around a pool noodle and applied pressure to areas marked with red tape on the noodles.

“I learned a lot about what to do and how to stay calm in high pressure situations regarding bleeding victims,” Rishi Ray, senior and two year HOSA member, said.

Simulations and presentations such as these allow students to gain real-world experience as a future health professional in a low-pressure setting, which is a goal of the HOSA club.

Stop the Bleed is a nation-wide campaign started by the United States Homeland Security agency in an effort to encourage citizens to become trained to handle emergency situations before professionals arrive.  This program is now popular on college and medical school campuses and is gaining more popularity at high schools around the United States.