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As Seen In The Image: March 29 Issue

March 29, 2018

The following content accompanies the March 29 issue of The Image.

Spiritual growth thrives in schools

Sophomore Kyle Dunn also chooses to fast as a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Dunn said, “I fast for my church to receive blessing for myself and those around me, so it’s basically like I can pray for someone that is going through a hard time or if I am going through a hard time myself.”

The Church sets aside the first Sunday of every month as a day of fasting and encourages everyone to participate. Members are also encouraged to fast to help pray for others and themselves aside from the specific Sunday.

To fast, people skip two consecutive meals and are urged to donate the money they would have spent on that meal to charity or the Church.

“The goal is to gain a greater relationship with Heavenly Father and to keep him in my thoughts, to build my relationship with him and gain a greater understanding. Jesus sacrificed so much for us and it’s a way to give back and recognize that,” Dunn said.

Dunn participated every month with his parents. He has a small community of Mormons at Lafayette that supports him not only during fasting but also daily.

“A lot of times I’m fasting for someone else to gain strength or help doing stuff, but most recently, I fasted to gain a greater love for the people around me and I definitely have felt a better connection and not wanted to be so argumentative and understanding,” Dunn said.

Senior Nick Koester is also a Catholic who participates in Lent. The Church asks its members to wear palm branch ashes on their foreheads as a public declaration of faith on Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent.

On Fridays, Koester abstains from all meat except fish and only eats one big meal and two smaller meals. He has been doing it since he was a little, but the Church asks members to participate between ages 14 and 70.

Koester said, “Definitely going to lunch of Fridays is a little difficult and seeing all the food with meat, but I drink a lot of water during those days. It can be difficult but it’s really rewarding in the end.”

For Lent this year, Koester chose to give up cursing. The purpose of giving something up is to control desires like Jesus did in the Book of Matthew in the Bible when he went into the desert to be tempted for 40 days and 40 nights.

“It can be kind of difficult. I’ll catch myself [cursing] and have to remind myself I gave that up, but you just have to offer it up and do the best you can,” Koester said.

Koester hopes to grow his relationship with God and hopes to help himself for when the Easter and Lent season passes.

“The Easter season can come and go really quickly, but I always try to realize that God always asks us to come back to him,” he said.

Young strives to live in the moment

Kayonna Young, sophomore, has a tattoo on her upper chest.

“It says ‘momento vivir.’ In Italian it means ‘remember to live,’ and in Latin it means ‘live in the moment,’” Young said.

This phrase holds an important meaning for Young, as it stands as a constant reminder for her to keep pushing through life. Despite having faced challenges in her past, Young stands strong.

“I’ve been through a lot, so I have to take life one day at a time,” Young said. “[My tattoo] kind of gives me a little word of the day.”

Although you must legally be 18 to get a tattoo yourself, adolescents can still have tattoos if given parental consent. Young had her tattoo done at 14 years old with her mother’s approval.

“I got mine the day before I turned 15 at Black Pearl Tattoos downtown. It cost $30. I had been wanting a tattoo for years, and my mom finally let me get this one,’ Young said.

The tattoo helped Young to commemorate this special event, her birthday, and her family went with her for support.

“My sister and my brothers went with me to get my tattoo, and my family is okay with me having a tattoo,” Young said.

Although this is her first and only tattoo, Young plans on getting more tattoos in the future.

Young did not have much difficulty handling the pain of getting a tattoo, but she warns others to be ready and come prepared.

“My advice to anyone getting a tattoo is to not take medication because it makes you bleed a lot. Just make sure you have something to squeeze on,” Young said. “It doesn’t hurt that bad, but if you’re not good with needles then it’ll be difficult.”

Where’s Louie?

Below are the answers to the locations of the Lancer images around Lafayette found on page 14 of The Image.

  1. By the welcome center
  2. In the middle of the cafeteria
  3. Lafayette Seniors banner upstairs
  4. Outside the Journalism room (137)
  5. In Mrs. Mabie’s Room (252) – “My in-laws were cleaning out their basement and were going to get rid of it.  It had been given to my father-in-law as a gag gift for a significant birthday, so my father-in-law’s picture under the helmet.  I told them I wanted it and put it in my classroom! In the past, I have decorated him with black and gold beads to track football wins. I enjoy having my Lancer in my classroom!”
  6. Inside the trophy cases
  7. ROTC Leaders Award inside the trophy case
  8. The clock hanging up across from Knight 4
  9. Banner on the left set of stairs near the cafeteria
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