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Teacher of the Year finalists announced

Abby Gwin, Reporter

Four Teacher of the Year finalists Mandy Kotraba, science; Chris Lofgren, science; Denise Meyer, physical education;  and Lori Zang, social studies, await the final decision which will be made Feb. 17.

Teacher of the Year Chairperson Jeri Heth, outlined the selection process.

Students and faculty are initially asked to make nominations in November and early December. The nominated teachers are then asked to answer a series of questions and put together a resume of their teaching experience, involvement in the school and community service.

After the candidates’ responses were reviewed, the Teacher of the Year committee narrowed the number of nominees down to 11 candidates. From the 11  candidates, the committee narrowed the field to four finalists.

Finally, at the staff meeting on Feb. 17, the four people who nominated each of the finalists will make a five minute presentation to the staff explaining why they believe their nominee is deserving of the honor. After all the presentations, the staff will vote for 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year.

Lofgren said he was “pleasantly surprised” when his name was announced as a finalist for the award. He said, “It’s a privilege to be honored amongst many great staff.”

The Lafayette Teacher of the Year goes on to compete for the Rockwood Teacher of the Year.

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17050 Clayton Road, Wildwood, MO  63011 | 636.733.4118
Teacher of the Year finalists announced