Join Staff

We are excited to have new students join us as we produce the online newspaper, print newspaper, videos and yearbook for the students and community.
Being part of the Lafayette journalism program is an exciting and rewarding experience. The prerequisite courses are designed to prepare students for work on any of the student publications. The publications courses are quite different from traditional classes. Student editors are responsible for the staffs and their work. Students have many opportunities to work in areas and on projects that interest them. Students on the staffs also have the opportunity to travel to the national journalism convention in the fall and spring. Next year that will take us to Dallas and San Francisco! Also, being on a high school publication staff looks fantastic on college applications and resumes.
Specifically, we are looking for students who enjoy doing things they are good at, like having a choice and a voice in what they do, are proud of having an impact and making a difference, and like moving forward, becoming smarter, better, and more accomplished. If these attributes describe you, then you’d be great for the journalism program.
In order to get involved, all you need to do is register for the appropriate classes when you make your schedule for your freshman year. There are two prerequisite courses: Writing and Reporting and/or Design & Desktop Publishing. Take one of those first semester and then you’ll be eligible to sign up for either the Newspaper Production, Yearbook Production or **Digital Media Production courses the next semester.
Writing and Reporting is a language arts elective credit and Design & Desktop Publishing, Digital Media Production, News Production and Yearbook Production are practical arts (CTE) credits. Usually students who are interested in newspaper take Writing and Reporting and students who are interested in yearbook take Design & Desktop Publishing, but either course is an acceptable prerequisite to either publications course.
Again, if you are interested, please request the appropriate journalism class when you register for your 2017-2018 classes. If you would like more information, please come see me in Room 137A or you may email me at

Course Information (pdf)