All fired up: 10 sites to teach you how to cook

Sofia Ganev, Staff Reporter

As s result of being quarantined due to COVID-19, many people are finding themselves with a lot of extra free time on their hands, these sites can teach you and give advice on how to cook. Each site has different features to show you what to do and what not to do in the kitchen.

To watch experienced experts cook and provide tips and tricks on how to improve your cooking skills, visit this site: Food Network

To learn how to create meals based on diet restrictions and allergies, visit this site: Yummly

To learn how to make “older” recipes, visit this site: Betty Crocker 

To learn how to make family recipes picked by individual chefs, visit this site: Epicurious 

To learn how to create unusual foods, visit this site: Delish 

To learn how to bake desserts, visit this site: Baking for beginners

To learn how to build a meal step by step, visit this site: Spoonacular 

To make a recipe with nutrients in mind, visit this site: Edamam

To learn how to provide the perfect portion of foods for the number of people based on your age and  activity level, visit this site: Blue Apron

To find and make a specific category of food, visit this site:  Super Cook