Out and About: Duck Donuts


Corren Tipton

Duck Donuts allows customers to create their own donut.

Corren Tipton, Assistant News Editor

Located on 1651 Clarkson Road, Duck Donuts offers a fresh taste on the average doughnuts. Made in front of customers and on the spot, their donuts are one above.

Along with a regular menu, Duck Donuts also has a seasonal menu with holiday-themed sprinkles, icings and flavors. Customers can choose to make their own doughnuts or order an already-paired icing and toppings combination. 

As for the actual taste of the doughnuts, it was warm, sweet and not too doughy. The toppings were not lacking, although the amount of icing made eating the doughnuts a messy task. 

On a Saturday morning, Duck Donuts was quite busy, but there was lots of indoor seating along with a few tables outside.

Another feature they have is a viewing area for customers to see the donuts being made. However, the area becomes crowded between customers watching from behind the glass and others standing in line to order. 

Serving these donuts later than most breakfast and doughnuts places, Duck Donuts is open until 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and until 3 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday.

Overall, the donuts tasted amazing and went above and beyond expectations. Although Duck Donuts can become crowded, it’s definitely worth the wait.