Five Questions with Derek Schreiner


Jack Weaver

As president of Student Council, senior Derek Schreiner hopes to reach the student body through means of social media in order to make information spreading and payments easier and more accessible.

Hannah Fitts, Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Derek Schreiner is a senior and the current Student Council (STUCO) President. He has been part of STUCO since his freshman year and has helped coordinate a number of events around the school.

What do you do as president? 

As President it is my job to make sure people are having fun, but that the message is still being portrayed. I offer help any time a video is made, I help plan and coordinate dances, and I help organize many STUCO events like our plans for St. Jude or the Turkey Dinner Dance.

What is your top priority at Lafayette?

My top priority is making sure STUCO is accessible through any social media outlet, all payments can be easily made and getting spirit days more enjoyable to participate in.

What made you want to be president? 

I wanted to become STUCO President because it was a great way to get involved with the school and I loved the club ever since the first day of freshman year. Since then, I’ve enjoyed every second of it, so I thought I could help give underclassmen the same feelings about the club that I got from it.

What are you most looking forward to achieving this year as president? 

I’m most looking forward to getting as many people involved in the club as possible and showing everyone that STUCO is enjoyable to be a part of. Through lunch games, events, and meetings, STUCO is always having fun and I want everyone to share that experience.

Did you think freshman year you’d ever be STUCO president? 

As a freshman, I didn’t expect to be president but I was always hopeful that I would at least be on the executive board. Now that I’m here, I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.