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Superficially a painting of a cat, Samsonov poses a deeper question with "Are You in Control of the Events Around You?'

AP Studio Art students recently submitted their artwork to the College Board for AP Exam grading following a yearlong effort to create numerous pieces.

The AP Studio Art includes three distinct courses: 2-D Design, Drawing and 3-D design. Students complete a portfolio regarding one of the courses at the end of the school year.

Three sections exist within each course. They are Selected Works, Sustained Investigation and Range of Approaches.

For Selected Works, students must show understanding and skill in the field of 2-D Design, Drawing or 3-D Design and they must submit five works in each section.

Sustained Investigation is also referenced as a concentration where students send 12 images which may demonstrate the process to create the art of detailed views of the artwork.

“A concentration is a body of related works describing an in-depth exploration of a particular artistic concern. It should reflect a process of investigation of a specific visual area,” according to the AP Studio Art Summer Work Packet.

Each concentration is evaluated not only according to the actual art, but according to the level of thought implemented into each work in the section. Students also must state the idea for the concentration along with the pictures of art.

Finally, within the Range of Approaches section, students complete art based on varied approaches to either 2-D Design, Drawing or 3-D Design.

“[Students] clearly show experimentation and a range of conceptual approaches to the work,” according to the College Board’s AP Studio Art Portfolio Requirements.

Juniors Caronline Karsten, Katherine Karsten and Anna Samsonov were enrolled in AP Studio Art this school year and completed their artwork for submission.

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