Club Spotlight: Equestrian Club

Delaney Eyermann, Webmaster

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Equestrian Club is relatively new and on the rise. Many people participate in the sport commonly known as horseback riding, so senior Sydney Lintner saw it fitting to start an equestrian club for the many riders here at Lafayette.

Lintner hadn’t realized just how many fellow equestrians there were at Lafayette, and upon realizing this Lintner thought it would be a fun idea to create an equestrian club. Lintner founded the club her freshman year and currently serves as co-president alongside junior Callahan McAndrew.

Members of the club often spend their meetings discussing how to become better riders.

“If one of us is having a training problem we will give each other advice; it’s always nice to get a new perspective,” Lintner said.

Members don’t just talk about riding and how to improve their skills, they also watch videos of professional riders and even do workouts to target the important muscles for riding.

“We watch videos of the professional riders and see how we can mimic their riding to make ourselves better riders,” Lintner said, “We’ve organized a couple of workout routines that were geared towards equestrians and the different muscles we use.”

One rider many of the girls see as a role model is Beezie Madden.

“All of us really like a rider named Beezie Madden,” Lintner said, “She’s one of the professional woman riders, which is definitely in the minority, so we all really look up to her as being a breakthrough woman rider.”

Lintner said the club even plans to take part in a few service projects in the community and hopes to see this happen over the summer or next year.

The group has done several things to get all of its members involved. This year they made t-shirts and quarter zips, and they also take the time to make locker decorations for each other before they compete in big competitions.

Amanda Shaw and Callahan McAndrew will be taking over as co-president next year, and Lintner said they are both extremely passionate about riding and will do a great job.